Chiostri di Sant’Eustorgio un luogo di storia e di preghiera
Chiostri di Sant’Eustorgio un luogo di storia e di preghiera

The early Christian cemetery

Accidental excavations in the Middle Ages, followed by others in the 18th century, uncovered some ancient burials.
During a methodical campaign carried out under the basilica between 1959 and 1962, the ruins of a Late Antique burial ground, which had been used in different phases, were found. To date, the relationship between the necropolis and the early Christian ruins found under the apse of the basilica and still visible from the church is unclear.
The remains brought back to light and currently visible along the burial ground tour itinerary include some cappuccina tombs – dating back to the 3rd and 4th century – and chest tombs – from the 5th century – as well as ruins of tombs from the 7th and 8th century. Some plates and epigraphs dating back to the 4th and 5th century were also found, which testify that, at the time, this was definitively a Christian burial ground. Among these, the epigraph of exorcist Victorinus (dating back to 377) and the so-called plate of the prayer, on which a male figure is carved, wearing a tunic and a cloak with a cross-shaped buckle, depicted in a praying position, his hands raised.

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