Chiostri di Sant’Eustorgio un luogo di storia e di preghiera
Chiostri di Sant’Eustorgio un luogo di storia e di preghiera

The Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio

The Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio is situated on one of the most important roads of the city of Milan, that leading to Pavia, capital city of the kingdom of the Longobards. According to an ancient tradition, still to date, the procession taking each new bishop of Milan into the city leaves from here.
Today’s church is the product of a number of restorations carried out throughout the centuries. The remains of a first early Christian church are still visible under the apse, while elements of the Romanesque structure can be seen in the apsidal area and in some capitals. In the 13th century, the church was assigned to the Dominican friars – in the building, which had to be suitable for the friars’ preaching activities, the neat separation between the main space and side rooms is cancelled to meet the need of removing all physical and structural barriers to the worshippers’ participation in the liturgy and preaching.
The left corner of the gabled façade hosts a marble pulpit, sculpted in 1597 to replace the original one, from which – according to the tradition – Saint Peter Martyr preached.
The 73-metre-high bell tower, built between 1297 and 1309, is the tallest of the city and bears a star, symbol of the Magi, on its pinnacle.
Inside, along the nave, there are many extraordinary paintings and sculptures.

The Ancona of the Passion scopri
Crucifix of the Master of the Dotto Chapel scopri
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